Whelping Services

The care in the first few weeks of a puppies life is crucial and is a 24 hour around the clock commitment. Some people either feel too inexperienced or simply don’t have the time due to work/family commitments. 

What we offer

24 hour care of both Mum and/or puppies

Milk substitute if the mother doesn’t have milk or the puppy is failing to latch.

Designated hygienic area in our home, fitted with heating & air conditioning for the puppies and mum, separate from other rooms for those first few weeks.

CCTV & security measures in place

Incubator & oxygen as and when required

Hygienic fully wipeable whelping box

Fresh bedding & washing

Heat pads

Puppy weaning (if required)

Tube feeding

Daily weighing & monitoring of puppies toilet movements to ensure they are thriving

Liaison with our vet for advice on any concerns we have

Worming treatment for Mum and puppies


Each birth is different and also what the owners require, we are happy to have your girl here from a week before her due date until up to 6 weeks after the birth of her puppies.

You will only pay the fixed price agreed for whelping, excluding any additional vet fees incurred.

Prices start from £150 per week. Get in touch to discuss your individual requirements.

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